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How to sew a round pillow for the couch?

 How to sew a round pillow for the couch?
Tutorial on sewing a round cushions for the sofa.

An interesting idea, it is sewed easily and simply, but the result is amazing.

And yet - the idea of using round pillows in the interior.

It is recommended to sew such pillows from "rich", textured fabrics. It can be satin, silk, velvet. The main thing - the fabric should be well draped, so that the folds look organically.

For sure, everyone remembers the formula of the length of the circle 2nR-where n = 3,14. By this formula, you can extract the dimensions of the pattern of our future pillow. Let's say that the diameter of the pillow is 40cm, then the patterns are as follows: Rectangle length = 2 * 3.14 * 20 = 120cm, width = 20cm = 18cm

We take two rectangles of different colors 120 + 1 in length (for allowance) cm and a width of 19cm.

Further, we shove these rectangles along the long sides, then we connect them by short ones, we get such a "wheel", or rather, a flat camera.

We must not forget to leave a hole in a gentle seam, so that the sintepon shove!

"Pumping the camera" so that it turns out almost a "wheel", the more synthepons, the better.

When the wheel is ready, sew a hole, you can go further! We take a strong thread with a needle and lay the stitches along the circumference of the circle, then tighten it, fix it.

There remains a small hole, which we hide with "buttons"!

 How to sew a round pillow for the couch?

 How to sew a round pillow for the couch?

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