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Sew Bag-Big Purse. DIY tutorial with patterns.

Сумка из ткани с выкройкой. Bag of cloth with patterns. DIY tutorial

Sew Bag-Big Purse.  DIY tutorial with patterns.

How to Sew a Pillow with Flowers. DIY tutorial

Как сшить подушку с розами?
How to sew a pillow and decorate it with roses?

Crazy Patchwork

Crazy-patchwork... Крейзи-печворк.

The Magic of Crazy Quilting

The Magic of Crazy Quilting: A Complete Resource for Embellished Quilting

Felt Crafts applications

 аппликации из ткани и фетра
A selection of interesting applications of fabric and felt. Such applications can even be used as pendants for a bag, phone, keychain ...

Sunbonnett Sue


Towels for the kitchen with flowers Yo-Yo

 Towels for the kitchen with flowers "Yo-Yo"

Как сшить смешарика - Крош

Моя малявка без ума от смешариков, она их просто обожает!

Подавай их ей в любом виде - мультика, игрушек, подушек, конфеток, чупа-чупсов... В общем, всего, что только может придумать наша промышленность)

На просторах сети нашла мастер-класс  по пошиву смешарика - Кроша. Получается зайка симпатичный!

Scrunchy with flower

Аксессуары для волос.  Scrunchy with flower
Charming hair clips, rims, elastic bands and other hair accessories.

Детский рюкзак из флиса. Childrens backpack Fleece. DIY tutorial


Рюкзак сшит из мягкого уютного флиса. Выкройка-схема на листе формата А4, которую можно распечатать - прилагается, см.ниже.

Как сшить рюкзак для ребенка

Fancy Toy beads

игрушки из бисера. Fancy Toy beads

Besty Youngquist is the author of anthropomorphic sculptures made of modern and antique beads from around the world, pieces of antique porcelain dolls and glass eye prosthesis.

Patchwork Bags

A MANY bag of cloth, yes with patchwork-finishing.

A lot of ideas for making summer bags.

Bag made of cloth. Photo Tutorial

Bag made of cloth. Photo workshop

Bag made of fabric with beautiful flower coloring. It has several compartments, an internal pocket with a zipper - practical and cute.

Ideas for making cushions

Опять подушки... красивые и разные! Ideas for making cushions

Stencils for needlework

Application of felt, stencils.

How To Make 3d Beaded Animals

How to sew a cosmetic bag

Beautician - sew yourself
How to sew a cosmetic bag. Beautiful, with a zipper. Pattern drawing is available.

Very much depends on the selection of fabric and color. This model has wonderful roses on a saturated green background.

Eco Shopping bag - sew yourself.

Plastic bags are a good invention of modern humanity.
But plastic is not only that it is environmentally harmful, plastic bags are impractical and disposable. Done the bag to the house. crumpled - and the ejection.

Crazy stitches, patterns for embroidery

узоры для вышивания

Crazy is an original patchwork technique. In its basis - stitching of pieces in a chaotic order. Fabrics are selected in harmonizing combinations, sewed in a certain way.

Sewing womens Hat. DIY step-by-step

Шьем женскую панаму. Sewing women's hat.

It is easy to sew a women's Hat! Especially when at hand and before your eyes there is an excellent Tutorial and patterns. A good headpiece for women and girls for the summer.

We sew patchwork bag

We sew patchwork bag
Travel bag - travel bag, the right thing. The bag should be large, capacious, durable and not branded.

Sew the pillow with drapery.

Как сшить подушку с драпировкой
- pillows with drapery in the form of a bow.

Leather Zipper pouches - diy step by step

 Клатч или небольшая сумочка из искуственной кожи

Leather is a wonderful natural and natural material. The skin is soft, plastic. supple. Natural leather has a lot of advantages. But it has one significant drawback: it's expensive!

How to sew a pillow round. Patchwork.

как сшить круглую подушку
Patterns two: one for a small one, and another for a large pillow. I really like these pillows! The main thing is to choose the right shades, the color palette of patches.

How to sew a round pillow for the couch?

 How to sew a round pillow for the couch?
Tutorial on sewing a round cushions for the sofa.

An interesting idea, it is sewed easily and simply, but the result is amazing.

Ornaments Borders, schemes for cross stitch

Орнаменты и бордюры, схемы для вышивки крестом

Kinusayga - patchwork on the foam. Japanese box

Кинусайга - пэчворк на пенопласте
Everyone in the house has empty boxes, for example from under shoes. Add to it a piece of styrofoam and trimming the fabric, and you will get this kind of box.

How to Make Leather Flowers. DIY tutorial step by step

цветы из кожи
Not only that the skin is beautiful and noble, crafts made of it are not more complicated than from ordinary materials. Plus the skin - in its plasticity and suppleness.