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Paisley patterns.

Шаблоны пейсли
The paisley templates.

These patterns are so beautiful - exquisite, graceful, ornate, rich, whimsical, intricate

Japanese patchwork bags

Лоскутные японские сумки
And again - bags, beauticians, as well as patterns, applications, decor of fabric. A lot of ideas for work!

Embroidery ribbons: birds and butterflies

Вышивка лентами: птицы и бабочки

What is interesting about this issue?

There are instructions and descriptions for embroidery of various butterflies, birds ... Very beautiful!

Sewing machines in painting

An unusual selection ... sewing machines.
Very emotional pictures, with a special mood!
I invite you to admire with me.

Buffets, puffs clothing

Buffets, puffs ... Beautiful!

In clothes, in accessories, in the interior ...

Sew a practical bag. Step by step tutorial

Практичная сумка
Such here is a practical bag for every day. Master class for tailoring in photos.

100 original ideas made from buttons.

Поделки из пуговиц

Selection: non-traditional use of buttons.

You can make a bouquet of buttons. It can be combined with decorative elements made of fabric, ribbons; as well as with fresh flowers.

Ideas denim bags.

джинсовые сумки
But what to do with old jeans that have become unusable or worn out in some places? Yeah, the question ... Throw something GETTING!

Crafts from buttons

поделки из пуговиц

And my house has a lot of different buttons.

They were left from the stocks of mother, mother-in-law, and even grandmother. And these buttons lie, they are bored: they want me to use it.

Creative bags! Patchwork Bags

Креативные сумки
And again bags: wonderful bags, handbags, cosmetic bags, string bags, and small caps - from scraps. Various forms and styles, patchwork techniques, applications - a lot of ideas for creativity, for inspiration.

Box for a gift of corrugated cardboard. DIY tutorial

Corrugated cardboard is an amazing material with a lot of positive qualities. He has an original appearance. It is successfully used in various forms of creativity, including - and in needlework. For example, in scrapbooking - in postcards. And it turns out very beautifully.

Flower organza ribbons. DIY step-by-step tutorial.

Цветок из лент органзы
Available step-by-step photos will help you to easily cope with the work. Only half an hour of free time, a little zeal, and the flower will be ready.

Flowers and decorations of cloth.

Цветы и украшения из ткани

Tender, feminine, romantic. Flowers from the fabric will never fade and will retain their appearance for a very long time. Another set of ideas for inspiration.

Flowers and decorations made of cloth.

Japanese Knot Bag. DIY step-by-step tutorial.

Японская сумочка
The Japanese mini-bag "Japanese Knot Bag" is becoming more and more fans and not only in the country of the rising sun, but also with us. 

Scarves and collars, crochet

Шарфики и воротнички, вязание крючком
Cute ideas for knitting scarves, shirt-cribs, crochet collars.


Сумочка оригинальной конструкции

Functional and simple. A small master class in photographs.

Country Quilt

_002 (581x700, 96Kb)

And another patchwork magazine: chic bags, cosmetic bags, toys, panels, appliqués - with your own hands.

Bag Box step-by-step tutorial.

Как сшить сумку-коробочку

An interesting idea is a box-case.