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Bag - hydrangea. Tutorial

Сумочка в виде голубой гортензии. Мастер-класс
How to sew a bag? and not just a bag, but a masterpiece in the form of a blue hydrangea? come to the aid of intelligence and savvy, experience and mundane. plus some free time, fabrics and satin ribbons. And now, soon you will have a hydrangea bag!

Embroidery for towels.

 How can I turn an ordinary, banal thing - a towel for daily use in an exclusive copy? It's very simple: you need to decorate this linen with author's embroidery. To help you - the scheme for embroidery, wonderful flowers and ornaments.

The painting in the frame with a flower made of cloth.

Let's decorate our house!
Today we will learn to make a wonderful textile decor. And when you make it, you do not have to spend a lot of money. The basis will also come down to the fact that you have been at home for a long time ...

Wonderful patchwork patterns

шаблоны для пэчворка

Wonderful patchwork patterns.

Surprisingly the art of the patchwork - not only to create beauty with your own hands, but also to spend, apply, give life a whole bunch of unnecessary shreds: a selection of patterns for sewing on paper.

Bags crocheted

Сумки, связанные крючком

That's how beautiful: bags crocheted! In the selection for you handbags knitted, crochet patterns, descriptions and instructions. Look at the masterpieces of Japanese craftsmen - we study the magazine and knit ourselves!

Bags with fairy-tale patterns from Marie Francaise

 (350x350, 26Kb)
Fairy-tale patterns in the collection of Mary Frances bags.

Patchwork, appliqué scheme.

We all love to watch photos of Japanese needlework - they have lots of ideas for inspiration, sewing and needlework. Another selection - patchwork, flowers from cloth, in the technique of appliqué. There are patterns and schemes. Very unusual colors!

Zigzag patchwork technique

Пэчворк, зигзаг из лоскутков
The sewing technique is a zigzag from the shreds. Step-by-step photo master-class on the accelerated method of assembling a patchwork zigzag

Toys - cows of felt

A selection of original ideas for decorating the interior of the children's room: toys - bugs, bulls from felt, with patterns and detailed schemes that can be printed in A4 format.

Instructions for knitting crochet butterfly

вязание бабочки | knitting butterflies
Such a butterfly can decorate any thing, or decorate the interior.

How to sew Poinsettia Pillows

Pillow with your own hands: pillow in the form of a flower punch.
Poincetia from fabric - this flower is considered festive, solemn and elegant.
Decorated in the form of a flower punch - the pillow will look festive and unusual.