Bag - hydrangea. Tutorial

Сумочка в виде голубой гортензии. Мастер-класс
How to sew a bag? and not just a bag, but a masterpiece in the form of a blue hydrangea? come to the aid of intelligence and savvy, experience and mundane. plus some free time, fabrics and satin ribbons. And now, soon you will have a hydrangea bag!

Embroidery for towels.

 How can I turn an ordinary, banal thing - a towel for daily use in an exclusive copy? It's very simple: you need to decorate this linen with author's embroidery. To help you - the scheme for embroidery, wonderful flowers and ornaments.

The painting in the frame with a flower made of cloth.

Let's decorate our house!
Today we will learn to make a wonderful textile decor. And when you make it, you do not have to spend a lot of money. The basis will also come down to the fact that you have been at home for a long time ...

Cape or tunic. Sew a couple of hours.

Накидка или туника

We sew easily and quickly: a cloak or tunic - call it whatever you want, the main thing is to find a beautiful fabric and sew it in a couple of hours.

And many more interesting ideas:

Applications for childrens clothes

Аппликации для детских вещей
These cute dancing creatures and ask for a dress, linens, panels!

Such a cozy applique, wonderful children's stories, we can sew from scraps of fabric, felt, various beads and other utensils from the coffers of needlewomen.

Wonderful patchwork patterns

шаблоны для пэчворка

Wonderful patchwork patterns.

Surprisingly the art of the patchwork - not only to create beauty with your own hands, but also to spend, apply, give life a whole bunch of unnecessary shreds: a selection of patterns for sewing on paper.

Bags crocheted

Сумки, связанные крючком

That's how beautiful: bags crocheted! In the selection for you handbags knitted, crochet patterns, descriptions and instructions. Look at the masterpieces of Japanese craftsmen - we study the magazine and knit ourselves!

Bags with fairy-tale patterns from Marie Francaise

 (350x350, 26Kb)
Fairy-tale patterns in the collection of Mary Frances bags.

Patchwork, appliqué scheme.

We all love to watch photos of Japanese needlework - they have lots of ideas for inspiration, sewing and needlework. Another selection - patchwork, flowers from cloth, in the technique of appliqué. There are patterns and schemes. Very unusual colors!

Headband hair with his hands.

Ободок своими руками
A beautiful bezel for your hair? - Easily! How to make a bezel from a fabric for a girl, we look in a master class with photos.

Pouch - packaging in the form of a doggie made of cloth

  (400x259, 72Kb)
very interesting idea - a master class how to sew bags for children in the form of dogs, from rags, in the form of toys from the tissue with their own hands.

how to sew an interesting interior decoration?

 (513x699, 67Kb)
From beautiful shreds of bright fabrics you can sew interesting vases yourself and decorate them with kitchen interior.

Zigzag patchwork technique

Пэчворк, зигзаг из лоскутков
The sewing technique is a zigzag from the shreds. Step-by-step photo master-class on the accelerated method of assembling a patchwork zigzag

Toys - cows of felt

A selection of original ideas for decorating the interior of the children's room: toys - bugs, bulls from felt, with patterns and detailed schemes that can be printed in A4 format.

Instructions for knitting crochet butterfly

вязание бабочки | knitting butterflies
Such a butterfly can decorate any thing, or decorate the interior.

How to sew Poinsettia Pillows

Pillow with your own hands: pillow in the form of a flower punch.
Poincetia from fabric - this flower is considered festive, solemn and elegant.
Decorated in the form of a flower punch - the pillow will look festive and unusual.