Patchwork Coin Purse Bag. Tutorial and Pattern

 Patchwork Frame Coin Purse Tutorial and free Pattern. How to sew.

For work will need:
1. Scraps and remnants of cotton fabrics.
2. Set for patchwork Hexagon size of 10 mm.
3. Piece of cotton fabric for lining (13x22 cm).
4. Piece surround filler (12x20 cm).
5. Clasp size 7.5 cm.
6. Reinforced threads for sewing clasp.
7. Cutting Mat, disc knife, scissors, needles, pins, thread.
8. Sewing machine (just a little).

cut out of the fabric hexagons

We sew 74 paper patterns with fabric.

Lay out the sheathed blocks (as shown in the photo) and sew together.

ironed on both sides.

Remove the basting and carefully remove the paper patterns.

On the extreme hexagons, we bend the edges to the sides and iron.

 We place the pattern with the allowance in the center of the assembled canvas, outline it with a water-soluble marker and cut it out.

According to the pattern without allowance, two parts are cut out from the volumetric filler.

We place the cut out filler in the center of the collected canvas and quilted. In our case, a manual stitch “seam to seam” was used.

On the sewing machine we build the undercut.

Similarly, we assemble the second workpiece and fold both parts face to each other. Pins off.

In order to make the seams of the grooves more neat, we smooth up on one of the parts up and down on the other.

We sew parts together on the sides and the bottom at a distance of 5 mm from the edge. We turn and iron our workpiece.

We cut out two details for the lining according to the pattern with an allowance.

Sew the undercut of the bag and iron in different directions.

Pins the parts with their pins facing each other and sew them on a sewing machine at a distance of 5 mm from the edge.

We level the stitched edge with scissors (if there are zig-zag scissors, then use them).

Insert the base of our purse face up.

We level the edges and pin with pins.

We try to precisely align the side seams of the base with the seams on the lining.

We sew the upper part of the wallet on a sewing machine at a distance of 5 mm from the edge, leaving a hole of 4-5 cm in order to turn out the details.

We turn out the bag and sew the hole with a hidden seam.

Ironing. The basis is ready!

To sew the clasp we use any strong thread. We took the thread for embroidery.
In the center of the textile billet we start the needle directly into the seam and output at the level of the hole on the clasp from the front side.

Sew the clasp from the center to the sides.

We finish to the edge and in the same way we return back to the center.

Similarly, we sew the second side (from the center to the edge and return again to the center).

We make the last stitch and bring the needle and thread to the right side.

Now we need to fix the thread! To do this, start the needle for any adjacent stitch and make a loop.

Congratulations! Bag's ready!


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