Quick Gift Bag Tutorial

Gift bag from a fabric. Pattern & Tutorial
 Do you want to make them too? I'll explain to you as soon as possible.

Gift bag from a fabric. Pattern & Tutorial
 Cut following parts:
From the plain fabric a 30 cm to 50 cm patch (this will be the lining of the bag) and a lap of 11 cm to 50 cm.
From the fabric with print a cloth of 21 cm to 50 cm.
Place the 11 cm strip against the bottom of the fabric with print. Good on well, and fasten with 1 cm seam. Ironing open, you now have your full cloth fabric for the outside.

 Squeeze the outer lap double and tie the side seam and bottom seam with 1 cm seam. At the top, in the side seam, leave a 2 cm opening. Also fold the inner lap double, and also tighten the side seam and lower seam, leaving a bell hole open in the bottom seam.
 Return the inner pocket with the right side and put it in the outer pocket. Good sides to each other so. Pin the two pockets to the top, making sure that the seams are well placed. Round round with 1 cm seam. Turn everything through the time hole.
Insert the inner bag into the outer pocket, and roll the top seam between your fingers to lay flat. Also pin this again (you can iron it too, I prefer to work with stuck). Now sew at the top of the tunnel for the cord, 2 cm away from the top edge.

 Stitch your cord through the tunnel. Sew the bell hole in the inner pocket still close (with a blind stitch or with your sewing machine close to the edge). And your gift bag is ready.
Gift bag from a fabric. Pattern & Tutorial

Gift bag from a fabric. Pattern & Tutorial

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