From maxi skirt to dress. DIY tutorial

короткое легкое платье. From maxi skirt to dress

Summer is a time when heat, cares and troubles do not allow you to devote much time to needlework. Well, if you suddenly need an outfit? Quick sewing in a hurry will save the situation.

Funny Baby Patchwork Cap. DIY tutorial

Забавная детская шапочка. Funny baby Patchwork cap.
How to sew a cap for girls?
very interesting, I would even say, a funny hat, look to see!

Templates for applications

Шаблоны для аппликации. Templates for applications

Finishing children's things. Pictures for drawings on children's clothes, for applique or decoration. There are several examples for "sewing on paper".

Домики - прихватки и пакетница для кухни

Милые идеи для уютной кухни - прихватки в виде домиков, и пакетница-домик.

Beautiful Denim Bag DIY tutorial

джинсовая сумка - Beautiful denim bag
How to sew a bag of denim? Tutorial with photos and pattern. 

Made of Old Jeans Denim

 из джинсовой ткани Made of jeans
About jeans and alterations from jeans clothes, about the ideas "Let's give a second life to jeans" is written, said and done very much.
After all, jeans - this is such a cool material that retains its beautiful appearance even in the "new" state. And if the denim is slightly rubbed at the toe - so it becomes even more valuable and stylish, is not it?

Patchwork toys

Как сшить игрушки из лоскутков?
Magic patchwork, how to sew patchwork toys from cloth?

A real needlework zoo. We have geese and bears, pigs and frogs, chickens and males, and even boxes with hearts. There are patterns, but what about without them?

Джинсовая сумка для лета. Denim bag for summer

Джинсовая ткань отлично сочетается с яркими лоскутками, особенно цветочной расцветки.
Пошаговый мастер-класс по шитью сумки из джинсовых обрезков  разных расцветок и тканей с цветочным орнаментом позволит использовать при шитье не только новые ткани, но и ненужные джинсы.

Джинсовая сумка  для лета