Sew the pillow with drapery.

Как сшить подушку с драпировкой
- pillows with drapery in the form of a bow.

Leather Zipper pouches - diy step by step

 Клатч или небольшая сумочка из искуственной кожи

Leather is a wonderful natural and natural material. The skin is soft, plastic. supple. Natural leather has a lot of advantages. But it has one significant drawback: it's expensive!

How to sew a pillow round. Patchwork.

как сшить круглую подушку
Patterns two: one for a small one, and another for a large pillow. I really like these pillows! The main thing is to choose the right shades, the color palette of patches.

How to sew a round pillow for the couch?

 How to sew a round pillow for the couch?
Tutorial on sewing a round cushions for the sofa.

An interesting idea, it is sewed easily and simply, but the result is amazing.

Patchwork animal figures

Лоскутные фигурки животных

Patchwork sewing.

Patchwork, applique, sewing on paper.

Many animal figures, with schemes!

Ornaments Borders, schemes for cross stitch

Орнаменты и бордюры, схемы для вышивки крестом

Kinusayga - patchwork on the foam. Japanese box

Кинусайга - пэчворк на пенопласте
Everyone in the house has empty boxes, for example from under shoes. Add to it a piece of styrofoam and trimming the fabric, and you will get this kind of box.

How to Make Leather Flowers. DIY tutorial step by step

цветы из кожи
Not only that the skin is beautiful and noble, crafts made of it are not more complicated than from ordinary materials. Plus the skin - in its plasticity and suppleness.