Patchwork Bag Tutorial. Bag for needlework

Bag for needlework.

Unusual bag in Japanese style

Unusual bag in Japanese style
Look, one more unusual handbag in the Japanese style.
The original look, peculiar accessories - what is not a gift?

Card Case Tutorial

Card Case Tutorial
 This is a great tutorial to use up all your little scraps of fabric.
This case can be used for business cards, gift cards or as a pin cushion.

Buffets, puffs clothing

Buffets, puffs ... Beautiful!

In clothes, in accessories, in the interior ...

Creative bags! Patchwork Bags

Креативные сумки
And again bags: wonderful bags, handbags, cosmetic bags, string bags, and small caps - from scraps. Various forms and styles, patchwork techniques, applications - a lot of ideas for creativity, for inspiration.

Japanese Knot Bag. DIY step-by-step tutorial.

Японская сумочка
The Japanese mini-bag "Japanese Knot Bag" is becoming more and more fans and not only in the country of the rising sun, but also with us. 

Box for needlework. DIY step-by-step tutorial.

Коробка для рукоделия. Box for needlework. DIY step-by-step tutorial.
Such a box to have is a dream! and the house will be in order, and you can take the road with you.

Knit crochet bags.


Do we have a hook? So we will knit beautiful handbags!