Frames made of fabric for a photo

Рамки из ткани для фото, для выключателей
Frames for the switch! What can be made of felt? Creative hand-made articles, frames for switches, little people, toys and lots of other ideas. Not only from felt, but also from bright shreds of fabrics.

And you can create frames for photos ....!

Stylish things for the house with their own hands

Стильные вещи для дома своими руками
Home ... our beloved house! Stylish interior - the merit of the hostess at home. how to decorate your house, using fabrics and tapes, threads and beads? Embroidery, Sewing, Knitting - these are wand-baits for creative crafts. Decorate the interior, make it stylish!

Basket fabric Tutorial

Как сделать своими руками корзинку из ткани
Fabric basket ...

How to make a basket of cloth from your hands? Asian magazines and sites offer us a lot of original options! Look, what a delight!

A box for threads is the idea of storing coils with threads.

 How to store threads? Today I present to you a box for threads.

Rollaway greeting card in the form of an accordion.

 Раскладная открытка
Let's do a postcard, we're not simple, but in the form of an accordion. To prepare a postcard, you need a rectangle of cardstock or watercolor paper measuring 15 by 27 cm.

How to sew a pillow-cat patchwork?

How to sew a cat from shreds? And, not just a cat, but a patchwork cat pillow? We look at the pictures, we use the pattern and sew, following our fantasies and drawing inspiration from these lovely photoimages!

Bag - hydrangea. Tutorial

Сумочка в виде голубой гортензии. Мастер-класс
How to sew a bag? and not just a bag, but a masterpiece in the form of a blue hydrangea? come to the aid of intelligence and savvy, experience and mundane. plus some free time, fabrics and satin ribbons. And now, soon you will have a hydrangea bag!

Embroidery for towels.

 How can I turn an ordinary, banal thing - a towel for daily use in an exclusive copy? It's very simple: you need to decorate this linen with author's embroidery. To help you - the scheme for embroidery, wonderful flowers and ornaments.