Bag ladybug.

Сумка-мешочек божья коровка. Bag ladybug.
Handbag-a bag in the form of a ladybug. Varying the size of the pattern, you can sew as a large bag, and small, down to the housekeeper. original and cute!

Сумка-мешочек божья коровка. Bag ladybug.2 (624x336, 104Kb)3a (623x308, 91Kb)3 (623x275, 91Kb)4a (623x315, 73Kb)
4 (623x329, 80Kb)5a (624x262, 63Kb)5 (626x334, 103Kb)6a (624x349, 79Kb)6 (623x333, 104Kb)7a (626x357, 102Kb)7 (625x267, 95Kb)8a (626x308, 100Kb)8 (623x249, 81Kb)9 (628x318, 85Kb)lсхема (480x700, 19Kb) 

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  1. Супер! Классная косметичка может получится.