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Eco Shopping bag - sew yourself.

Plastic bags are a good invention of modern humanity.
But plastic is not only that it is environmentally harmful, plastic bags are impractical and disposable. Done the bag to the house. crumpled - and the ejection.

  It is necessary to sew a roomy shopping bag. We admire the master class in pictures.

We take the usual plastic bags. Cut out the middle part.
Carefully lay out the layers of polyethylene between two pieces of fabric.

And iron with iron. Polyethylene inside will melt. Do not forget that the fabric should be dense enough, otherwise you can spoil the iron.

So these are the pieces.

What you need to try to smooth and steam off is not such a hot iron.

In the end, you should have these pieces:

From the material of a different color, we cut out the letters.

Pin the letters with pins on one of the bag details.

And sew on their edge in a zigzag.


Now we sew handles for the bag.

Sew the details of the bag

We process the edges of the overlock.

Sew the handle.

Original bag for products is ready. Enjoy the shopping!


  1. Анюра, спасибо! Удачного тебе отшива, похвались потом, будет интересно посмотреть!

  2. Прикольные сумки! Никогда бы не подумала, что так можно использовать пакеты.