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Plans for the application

Аппликация - схемы

Bags of cloth.

Текстильные сумки

Many wonderful bags made of cloth. Patterns and schemes!

Patchwork plus ribbon embroidery

Пэчворк плюс вышивка лентами

Photos on embroidery with ribbons with diagrams and explanations. Plus a combination of embroidery with ribbons and patchwork: articles made of shreds. Many handbags and beauticians ... beautiful!

How to Make Flowers out Fabric

Украшение цветок из ткани
Tutorial on creating jewelry from the fabric with your own hands.

Cross-stitch. Schemes and examples.

Вышивка крестом. Схемы и примеры
Cross-stitch. Schemes and examples for experienced and novice.

Apron: a sea of ideas !

Фартук: море идей

Apron: it seems to be the most common, and even an auxiliary piece of clothing.

What can we make of jeans?

Что можно сделать из джинс
A selection of alterations from denim: bags, clothes, sachets, rugs, blankets.

Classic Quilting of SASHIKO

схемы вышивки сашико

Not only sashiko embroideries, but also interior decoration products. Detailed schemes and instructions are attached.

Patchwork Bag Tutorial. Bag for needlework

Bag for needlework.

Folding box DIY tutorial

складная коробка
Handmade box for needlewomen.  Wasteless and beautiful.

Flowers and decorations made of cloth

цветы из ткани
Simply incomparably beautiful: flowers from the fabric of the Polish designer Llooki.

Unusual bag in Japanese style

Unusual bag in Japanese style
Look, one more unusual handbag in the Japanese style.
The original look, peculiar accessories - what is not a gift?

Patchwork kitchen.

Пэчворк для кухни

Dahlia Flower Ribbon DIY step by step tutorial

Цветок георгин из ленты
How to make a dahlia from a ribbon?

Fabric flowers. Step-by-step tutorial

цветы из ткани

flowers nylon, fabric, satin ....

Children hairpins

Детские заколки
Now manufacturers produce many beautiful ribbons. On the images - ideas how to use tapes as accessories for hair.