Sewing machines in painting

An unusual selection ... sewing machines.
Very emotional pictures, with a special mood!
I invite you to admire with me.

Sergey Kovalevsky (Russia, born 1970) "Autumn Dress" 2009

Michael Klein «Floral Interior» 2008

Vasily Peshkun (Russia, born in 1978.) "Dress for the doll" 2009
Vladimir Golub "Women's Summer" 2001
Boyko Irtsya (born 1992) "Coffee for Two" 2010
Marina Kutyavina (born 1970) "The taste of oblivion"
Meshcheryakova Irina Vladimirovna "Tulle" 2010
Doug Knutson «Sewing Room»
Sylvia Siddell «Sewing Machine»
Bodrov Victor Alfredovich "Seamstress" 2008
Olga Minkina "The sewing machine in the mirrors" 2011

Sidorova-Demchenko Nadezhda Vitalievna (born 1977) "Still life with a sewing machine"
Niall Toolan «Singer and silk» 2009
Alf Caruana «Vintage sewing machine» 
Mara Daugaviete "The sewing machine and the cat" 1994

Judith Pond Kudlow "Singer 2008"
Mike Savad
Ginger Bowen "On Pins and Needles"
Ivan Stratiev «Old sewing machine»
Marina Bogdanova «Sheer embroidery»
Natasha Milashevich "Old sewing machine"
Antonio Capel «Desvan» 
Carolyn Watson «The Star Quilt» 
George Hartley (American, 1933) «Hannah's Embroidery» 
Michael Taylor «Old sewing machine»
Oleg Gutsalyuk "The Sewing Corner"

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