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Scheme sewing bags clutch.

как сшить модный клатч своими руками
Women's bags at the height of popularity: how to sew a fashionable clutch with their own hands?
The very word clutch - English, means - to grab (a tenacious female grasp :) And so it costs a clutch and without pens and without a strap.
Another wave of increasing interest in the clutch is observed in our days.

True, the clutches are sewn on the present from simple, accessible materials and are a supplement to the business and everyday clothes.
Below, I offer you a pattern of a clutch with a description of how to sew it. Pattern is exemplary, see the sewing technique, and already on the basis of it, start sewing with your own hands!
как сшить модный клатч своими руками

Pattern: front and back

So, how to sew a fashionable clutch bag?

- Print the pattern on the desired scale;
- cut out the details of the pattern;
- attach the patterns on the fabric and circle them taking into account allowances for seams;
- Cut out the clutch parts from the fabric;
- Sew them together;
- use the resulting patterns for sewing the next clutch;)

как сшить модный клатч своими руками

Fabrics for sewing a clutch are required very little, which allows you to sew this trendy purse for all occasions!

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