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How to sew Poinsettia Pillows

Pillow with your own hands: pillow in the form of a flower punch.
Poincetia from fabric - this flower is considered festive, solemn and elegant.
Decorated in the form of a flower punch - the pillow will look festive and unusual.

We need:

1. White felt.
2. White button.
3. Scissors.

Cut a single petal out of felt, then use it as your template to create 12 large petals.  Repeat to create 8 to 12 medium petals.

On one side of your pillow form, start by centering two petals, and sewing them to your pillow front two at a time.  Sew only halfway up each petal to allow the edges to pop off the pillow form.

Use your button kit to create a felt covered button for the center of your flower.  Attach your button with a needle and thread.

That’s it, easy peasy !  The greatest part about using a zipper is you can take the pillow cover right off and use the pillow insert the rest of the year.

подушка  цветок пуансетия | cushion flower Poinsettia

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